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aaahhhh i see you were the nameless wargammer with the pander hat yesterday at total wargamer i was the kid with the blond hair wearing the umbro t-shirt. welcome to the club
my games:
Warhammer 40k orcs, spacemarines,catachan jungle fighters,
Warhammer fantasy orcs
Lord of the Rings sbg everything you could think of!!!
Haleceasar germans
Cutlass orc pirates
Magic red and green
Dark Wolf, good evening!

I was indeed the chap in the panda hat. (Nameless? I have a name! Its Panda!)

I apologise if I can't immediately recall you as kid with blonde hair and the umbro t-shirt, but I will gladly say "hello!" when im there tomorrow!
What do we need?
We'll need biscuits, lots of biscuits......

Angry_Panda's website, it's not big, smart, or clever (or even finished for that matter!) but it's mine!!!

If you want to play a game of something i own, then just ask!
And i am the dad of the kid with blonde hair wearing the umbro shirt and the other kid with blonde hair all of us in TW. Most folk call me Paul, which by happy coincidence is my name. I also own a panda which was the same size as me when I was given him, he growls too, no wonder some kids are terrified of pandas... and Adam (the younger) has a whole family of pandas.

If you dress your panda up as Dr Who does he become pandaimensional?

btw - Who won in the end?

History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill

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