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Club Rules and Constitution
The club rules and constitution are currently at version 4 as of 13th March 2014. All pretty standard stuff really, but please direct any questions to Paul or myself.

Club Rules and Constitution

1.0 Identity
  • 1.1 The club will be called Redditch Wargaming Society1.2 The club will be based at Windmill Community Centre, Redditch

2.0 Purpose
  • 2.1 To provide the opportunity for members to participate in the hobby of collecting, painting and gaming with tabletop miniatures and game systems.

3.0 Membership
  • 3.1 Membership of the club is gained by attending more than one of the meetings in a running year.3.2 Club meetings are open to non-members who can make use of the club facilities upon payment of the standard meeting ticket prices, which are:
    • 18 years old and above, £3.00
    • Below 18 years of age, £1.50
    • First visit, free regardless of age
    The club will endeavour to keep the membership costs as low as possible, and will give all members 1 months notice if the rates are set to change.3.3 A record of attendance will be kept.3.4 Club Officials and signatories must be 18 years or older.

4.0 Club Assets
  • 4.1 The assets of the club (gaming equipment, cash in hand and cash at the bank) belong to the members. An item becomes a club asset once it has been wholly paid for from the club bank account, up until that time an item is being made available for use by its respective owner.4.2 If the club ever closes and is debt free the assets will be distributed to the current members as evenly as possible. Current members at any time will be those who have attend more than half the meetings in the previous six months. If the, upon closure, the club has outstanding debts, the assets must be liquidated in such a way as to wholly, or part clear, such debts.

5.0 Club Officials
  • 5.1Current club officials are:
    PositionNameForum Handle
    ChairmanMatt Pscoundrel13
    Vice-ChairmanChris Rjaqenhgar
    General Committee MemberStuStuart
    General Committee MemberPaul HAgincourt
    General Committee MemberGazGareth
    General Committee MemberVincemanrogue
    General Committee MemberTom HDark Wolf
These roles can be held in perpetuity up to a point in time whereby the club committee wish to relinquish any of the stated positions. Any vacant role will then become available to club members, including members of the committee. A majority vote of the committee can allocate a vacant role to any club member who has attended more than half the club meetings in the previous 6 months. If no member can be found to fill the available position, then the committee will allocate the role to an existing committee member, again by majority vote. See 5.2 below for an exception to this rule.

5.2 By majority vote of the committee any official role, including that held by a club founder, can be placed up for availability within the club membership at any time. If this occurs the vacant role procedure above will apply.

5.3 At least one club official will be present at each club meeting.

5.4 The Vice Chairman assumes all roles and responsibilities of the Chairman in his absence.

6.0 Club Funds
  • 6.1 Club funds will be administered through a bank or building society account which is designed for this purpose.

    6.2 Club expenditure up to £500 must be agreed by the chairman and either the secretary or the treasurer. Club expenditure greater than £500 must be agreed by a majority vote of the committee. The club bank account can be fully operated by the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Treasurer.

    6.3 The Treasurer will keep a record of transactions on club funds showing all credits, debits and current balance. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.

    6.4 Where possible a receipt will be obtained for all club expenditure, checked by the Treasurer and retained for audit purposes. Unreceipted expenses will be paid out with agreement from the Chairman, Vice chairman and Treasurer. The Treasurer will log all unreceipted expenses as such.

    6.5 The club year will run from 1st April to 31st March.

7.0 Voting and Club Decisions
  • 7.1 Decisions regarding the club, including amendment of club rules, will be made by majority vote of the committee.

    7.2 The Secretary will keep a record of decisions taken at club meetings. The record will be available for inspection by any club member.

    7.3 There will be an Annual General Meeting to discuss the general direction of the club and forthcoming events. This meeting will be called by the Chairman or Vice Chairman.

    7.4 If no firm outcome can be made from any vote within the club, whether by committee or membership, the chairman will have the deciding vote.

8.0 Standards of Conduct8.1 Club members and visiting non-members will at all times adhere to the following standards of behaviour.

8.2 There will be no verbal or physical abuse of any other or visiting non-member.

8.3 There will be no discrimination of any kind by any member or visiting non-member towards any other person at the club meetings. This includes but is not limited to discrimination on grounds of:
  • 8.3.1 Class;

    8.3.2 Ethnic origin, nationality (or statelessness), or race;

    8.3.3 Gender;

    8.3.4 Age;

    8.3.5 Martial or sexual status;

    8.3.6 Mental or physical ability;

    8.3.7 Political or religious belief

8.4 No member under the age of 16 years will be left unattended by less than two adults over the age of 18 years at any time.

8.5 It is the responsibility of all persons to ensure that:
  • 8.5.1 they do not endanger the health and safety of themselves or others;

    8.5.2 they observe the rules established for the safety of those involved in club activities. These are defined as required by the Club Committee.

8.6 Disagreements Between Club Members
  • 8.6.1 Any disagreements between members in a Gaming Club must be referred to the a Club Official.

    8.6.2 If the Club Official is unable to resolve the disagreement, or if personally involved, the matter must be referred to either the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary. If the dispute can still not be resolved the decision of the Chairman shall be final.

8.7 Behaviour of Attendees
8.7.1 If the behaviour of anyone attending the club, either on a regular club night or at an event the club has put on or is in attendance, is deemed by anyone on the committee to be in breach of any club rules, philosophy or guidelines then a verbal warning will be issued. If the verbal advice is ignored a further warning may be issued, it is then up to the discretion of either the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary or any committee member in attendance whether this person should be excluded from the club forthwith.
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