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High from Battle Systems
Got my mount board today, gonna have a crack at some after footy tonight.
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Blood bowl Skaven
Good luck, i'm also working on a load of kits tonight, and i'm very interested to see what live brings to see if it'll compliment the stuff I already have
WARHAMMER/AGE OF SIGMAR:  khorne warriors of chaos
WARMACHINE: Khador, mercenaries 
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Cool, all good. be looking forward to to hearing how you got on with your pods. remember to start with the basic pod first and work from there.

Right back to work. i'm trying to spread the word about battle systems, but it's hard work. If I was a bazzillian air I would just put a big banner outside every GW store. lol. But no another night on the sofa with a coffee and the laptop.

I need to be in London at 7am on Wednesday so need to be in bed for about 9pm tomorrow night. So will leave you all about 8:15 - 8.30pm.

I will be at the Total Wargamer store in Evesham on Saturday the 24th and will have a set up there if anyone wants another look.

I'm looking forward to seeing the different games you guys play. Some of the games look really cool, wish there were more hours in the day. The only time I get to play is when I'm testing a Battle System model. lol


Looks like this has caused quite a bit of a stir, on Beasts of War. Well done for getting some decent publicity.
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Inteview with Colin from Battle Systems on TGN:
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