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My name is Andrzej. Im Polish. Just call me Andy. I have been playing WFB (O&G) since 4th edition Smile ,although has never played 8th edition yet. At the moment DE are my main army. I can play small games 1000-1500 pts with my mostly painted army. Have not got a time to finish them off. Hopefully there is also somebody living in Redditch who plays WFB. So far i could not find anybody to play with. I will try to pop up on Monday to meet You guys.
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Hi Andy,

Welcome to the forums.

I know Stuart is building a wfb dwarf army and may have some other stuff to play with.

I'm sure there will be someone to play against.

Hopefully see you Monday.

Hi Andy, and welcome! As Simon said I have the humble beginnings of a WFB Dwarf army. I've just taken delivery of a Dwarf battalion so hopefully I can bolster the ranks over the next few weeks. My eldest lad also has a decent sized Orcs & Goblins army - have you picked up the new codex yet?
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Hi, i haven't bought new codex yet, but i have already read it. Basically 8th editon is entirely different game than previous editions. At the moment i can play with my DE army, i have left my O&G army in Poland. Apart from DE i collect Chaos dwarf army (models sculpted by Alan Perry 1984) Smile I fell in love with their big hats and curly beards. Smile And they remind me DE in slaves hunters aspect. So far i have got about 700 pts of CHD. I know that officialy CHD army does not exist but i belive that they will come back to life in the near future.
WFB (DE) 2014...W-D-L...2-0-0
Hi Andy,

My son Tom and I have just upgraded to 8th edition - seems good to me. We have O&G and High Elves main armies, plus some Dwarves, some Empire, and the Island of Blood Skaven... Looking forward to a game...

Paul and Tom

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