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Figure Case Recommendations?
I've had a look at a lot of the Gifts for Geeks Battlefoam stuff that they're getting in and some of them look awsome! There's a couple of Warmachine ones, and a Malifaux one that which look cool. Maybe something to consider if I really really get into Warmachine. I still love the look of the Tyrant ones, though. Dirt cheap (in fact, only £35), 5 layers of 36 infantry foam and a large 'Pick and Pluck' layer of foam, too. Probably gonna get one when it come out in June.

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There is also the crystal caste battlehives, which I'm currently using for my warmachine collection. The case I've got is around £45 to £60 (depending on where you get it from) they're nice and sturdy with a good amount of foam pluck trays of various sizes, the main downside is the bulk of it. Great for storing armies but not as practical as I'd like for transporting minis. Though that may have more to do with the sheer weight of metal I carry in mine Big Grin. I'll have it with me at the next meeting if anyone wants to have a look
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Battlefoam have announced War Engine foams. They look very tidy, with etched names and force logo's in the foam.
Saw some little plastic figure cases at the UK Games Expo, and finally identified them as Chessex Figure Storage Boxes. They seem to be well known and held in high regard, and look ideal for carrying small skirmish armies. I'm thinking of getting one as a home for my Malifaux crew, as I can't really justify a large bag/case just at the moment. Well, I'm sure I could if I tried hard enough...but, anyway, anyone got any experience of these?
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The Mantic messenger bag looks like it has potential.

I like the layout of their carry cases, as the foam doesn't box in the miniatures so might be a little more versatle for larger models.
Figures painted in 2016: 4 Blush
"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."

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