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What What.
Hey everyone, I'm Con, was a member of the Hull W.a.R.P.S. and am interested in joining up. I live just around the corner in astwood bank and am mostly a role player, specifically DnD, though am looking at the d20 modern games and want to try my hand at the WoD settings at some point too.

Nice to meet ya, hopefully see you tonight. Smile
Hey Con, and welcome!

While we haven't managed to arrange any role playing sessions so far, there does seem to be some interesting in doing so - please feel free to kick-start the effort Smile

Look forward to meeting you.
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Ok, I've got a campaign starting point, world built, etc etc. with two mini-adventures to get the players started and to kind of test what their styles of play are. See you guys tonight. Smile
Hi from another new member.
Could be interested in a WoD game too - done a few White Wolf d10 based games in the past - but I am very rusty.
Hope to be getting to the first January meeting so maybe see you there.

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