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Any RPG?
Are there any role playing games happening at this club?
Get the feeling it's died off.  Undecided

I haven't played for years but have played (and gm'd) dozens of different systems/settings.
Doesn't help that I'm a bit of a shy, quiet type, so struggle to get involved sometimes!  Blush

Anyhoo, let me know.... those that do!

I guess not....! ?
Hi Onimos

Apologies for not replying sooner, unfortunately we don't use the forums as much as we used to.

There are definitely some RPG players at the club, there have been games taking place on club nights and I know some conduct games at other times as well. Your best bet is to head to our Discord ( where most of our members chat more regularly now.

We have dedicated RPG channels on Discord where you're welcome to discuss different systems and arrange games with others.

Hope this helps
Underworlds - Magore's Fiends
Warhammer 40K - Thousand Sons
Blood Bowl - Undead
Kill Team - Death Guard
AoS - Stormcast Eternals
Thanks LankySi, wil check it out..

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