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Now Reading...
A selection of the most popular fiction and non-fiction books recommended by our members.

Please feel free to add any books that you particularly enjoyed, either here or in the #book-club channel on Discord. We will keep this post updated with the most popular choices.


Underworlds - Magore's Fiends
Warhammer 40K - Thousand Sons
Blood Bowl - Undead
Kill Team - Death Guard
AoS - Stormcast Eternals
The "Silo" trilogy (sometimes called the Wool trilogy) by Hugh Howey. Hard to describe them in a manner that wouldn't be better discovered by reading the books Smile

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For non fiction, the following three are quite good and are on my permanent bookshelf;


Stanley Karnow, Vietnam - A History - Quite a long read at 700+ pages, but a thoroughly in depth read that not only covers the Vietnam War, but the colonial period as well. If you have any interest in learning more about the Vietnam War then I can't recommend this enough.

Blake J. Harris, Console Wars - Fascinating book, focused about the time Tom Kalinske was at Sega of America, he was involved heavily in the development of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega's brief dominance in the console market in the early 90s.

Simon Reynolds, Totally Wired: Post Punk Interviews and Overviews - Not so much a book as a collection of interviews and essays, but for anyone (like me!) who likes the Post Punk era of the 70s and 80s it's a fascinating read. Interview include John Peel, and Edwyn Collins of Orange Juice, along with sections on Joy Division, Sioux and the Banshees and more.

He also wrote another book called Rip it up and Start again, which is more of an overview but still an interesting read.
Warhammer 40K - Knights of Saret (Space Marines), Cult of the Damned (Chaos/Daemons), 1st ERF (Astra Militarum), Death Guard & The Purge (Chaos/DG/Daemons), House Landsraad (Imperial Knights)
LOTR - Rohan, Mordor, Dwarves, Moria
Mordhiem - The Wild Rose Company (Dwarves)
Bloodbowl - Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Undead
Guildball - Brewers, Masons
Dropfleet - UCM, Scourge, Shaltari, PHR
Dropzone - UCM
XWing - Rebels, Imperials
Bolt Action - Fallschrimjager
Gates of Antares - Algoryn
SAGA - Vikings, Irish

Currently Working On - Gates of Anatares - Ghar, Warhammer 40K - Death Guard and Necrons

Dismantle Mines, Yes? Or... you die..." - Variks, House of Judgement

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