Poll: Would you be interested in a second club night (potentially Thursday)?
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12 70.59%
5 29.41%
Total 17 vote(s) 100%
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Extra club night poll
This is a poll to gauge interest in having a second club night in the week. The initial proposal is to have it on a Thursday evening (booking slot permitting).

This is purely an additional evening and is in no way designed to replace a Tuesday evening. We understand that some people will only be able to attend one evening, some will be up for attending both, if this goes ahead. All are welcome on either evening.

Please encourage all fellow club members to vote in this poll. We need as many people to respond as possible to get a good idea of numbers.

Please feel free to add any discussion points in this thread.
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Would be interested in a Thursday. Work can sometimes be a bit unpredictable so another alternative would be awesome. Some weeks I’d definitely be interested in both nights
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OILI agree having the option for a second night might make it a bit easier for me attend more regularly. Happy to given ot a go Smile
I voted no - just purely personally, I struggle to find one free evening a week for gaming, yet alone two. I know there are plenty out there who would relish another evening each week though.
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I voted yes but I would likely attend one or the other, I struggle to to get down as it is presently and the second night would be a nice alternative.
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It’s a no for me. Cannot do two nights and other arrangements have been made to keeps Tuesday night free for gaming. Eg Thursday is football training for my youngest and I take him.
But if people can play two nights a week that’s great for them...
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I voted no only because I wouldn't be able to go a 2nd time in a week, not that I wouldn't want to! I may very occasionally go to a different night if I couldn't make a Tues.

Sounds like there is a lot of interest in a 2nd night so is worth a trial run.
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I voted yes - currently I tend to go swimming or play Hockey on Thursday nights, but when the current season ends and Thursdays are free I would be interested getting in a second night some weeks.
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Said yes - as give an alternative to when can't make a Tue. However think a trail would be beneficial as do not want to dilute Tues at the expense of an extra night.

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