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Barrage Stafford 7th July Saga / 40K etc
Tournaments in Stafford at Barrage Sun 7th July:

Barrage has been home to many successful tournaments in recent years and this year is no different - we will be hosting our Blaze of Glory (BoG) V Bolt Action tournament ; Bloodbowl 'Stafford Scramble III'; XWing Tournament 'Let the Wookie Win' and SAGA the dark ages skirmish game;  Warhammer 40k tournament 'War in the Rift' and new for 2019 - Warmachine.
All of the tournaments games will commence at 9.30am. with registration from 9am. All games should conclude around 4.30pm followed by awards and prize giving.  We have kept the price of all our tournament at just £12....s the cost of entry to the show  (normally £4).
40K - Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Necrons; Lord of the Rings - lots; Bloodbowl - Dwarves, Wood Elves; SAGA - Anglo Danes & Welsh; Guildball - Morticians, Engineers; Dropzone/fleet - Shaltari

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