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BOLT ACTION 2 - Learning the Rules

As we acquaint ourselves with the new rules, thought we could make a note of anything we 'got wrong/missed' for next time...

Here is one to remember:

In our recent game, a German Section was contemplating Assaulting an occupied building. It was only about 4" away from the door, but was starting behind a brick wall it was using as cover. To Assault you must give a 'RUN' order, and we noted under the effect of terrain table that where obstacles are concerned there is 'NO RUN'. We measured the distance to RUN around the wall, and although someone could get to the door within 12" move, not all the section could get close enough. We therefore concluded that meant we could not assault.

Page 79 - ASSAULTING THROUGH TERRAIN is what we need to know for next time. "...the model must go around impassible terrain (obviously!) but otherwise takes the shortest route possible... ...if the closest possible route crosses any obstacles (like our brick wall)... the assault move, though still being a RUN move, is limited to 6" rather than 12"..."

So in this case the assault could have gone ahead over the wall with a reduced move rate.
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
This guy has done a great set of quick reference sheets you can download here:

Here is his helpful list of changes from V1 to V2, which makes finding the bits that have changed much more convenient:

Also worth reading the errata download from Warlord Games for v2 as some tweaks and changes have been better explained.
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
A couple from our replay of the German defeat at Stalingrad.

RALLY order does not automatically remove pins. The unit needs to make a morale check ignoring any pins it currently has
and if it passes it removes d6+1 pins (very handy). For the first half of the game we played rally automatically removes
1d6 pins.

STUBBORN attribute of the Fallschirmjager (and doubtless other units) allows the unit to make a morale check ignoring pins.
However the roll made to see if an order is carried out by a pinned squad is not a morale check so stubborn units do not ignore
the pins for the purposes of order checks. We got this wrong for most of the game. It is still a useful attribute but not as OP as
it appeared.
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