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Shadespire Night Vault
Have pre ordered Night Vault from Magic Madhouse - free delivery £32
40K - Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Necrons; Lord of the Rings - lots; Bloodbowl - Dwarves, Wood Elves; SAGA - Anglo Danes & Welsh; Guildball - Morticians, Engineers; Dropzone/fleet - Shaltari
(25-09-2018, 10:32 AM)stygmatyr Wrote: Had a quick go with Jim last week, and whoops I seem to have bought everything except the farstriders. So I'll be looking for some games once it all arrives

There's a few of us that play quite regularly so I'm sure we'd be up for games, I know I usually am. Three to four player games are fun too

Going to get Night Vault end of October I think, bit tight on funds at the moment Sad
Underworlds - Magore's Fiends
Warhammer 40K - Thousand Sons
Blood Bowl - Undead
Kill Team - Death Guard
AoS - Stormcast Eternals

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