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Return from the wilderness

I think I will be covering familiar ground here, in that I am returning to the hobby after a period of exile. It all started with a copy of Heroquest and Battle masters and soon moved to Warhammer Fantasy battle 4th edition (High Elves vs Goblins boxed set, although Dwarfs were my army of choice). I then moved onto 40k and Necromunda way back in the mid 90's. I still have the boxes and rules now.

Over the years I drifted away as my time was taken up with career and family etc, however I kept all my old models safely perhaps knowing one day I would return. 

Recently when passing a Games Workshop with my 9yr old, he said that looks cool and that was all the encouragement  I needed, we left with a copy of Dark imperium and my enthusiasm has been rekindled. 

Currently have resurrected my Imperial Guard (lots of 90s metal figures), have started a Primaris Ultramarines army and a Ork army for my son. Models that were unpainted for years have now finally been finished

Have also started Kill Team 

Branching away from GW - have started playing X-wing (1st edition).

I have had enough of being beaten by a 9 year old and being based in Bromsgrove your society seems like a great way to meet and play like minded people. I hope to pop along next week 28th and will bring along a Kill Team or two with the hope of maybe getting a game or two, although happy just to watch and learn (command points etc all new to me). Currently can field 100pts necrons, deathguard, imperial guard, orks or primaris space marines, (ebay and no self control are not a good combination).

Of course the important question is bourbons or custard creams ?



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Hello Matt, and welcome! Glad you found your way back to the hobby Smile You shouldn’t have any trouble getting some games sorted. I’m not around next week but I’m sure some of the other chaps will give you a warm welcome. Look forward to meeting you at some point!
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Hey Matt, welcome to the club! You’ll have no trouble finding games for those systems. A number of us are doing Kill Team on 28th and we’ll just be playing games and rotating opponents.

Bourbons or custard creams.... hmmm tough call, what I say is when in doubt, buy both haha!
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