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Scenery wish-list
We've got a bit of cash to splash on some scenery, so what do you think we need to bolster our scenery supply?

If you've got any examples that would be smashing.
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Would the TT Combat range be within budget?
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(08-06-2018, 02:54 PM)amnvespa Wrote: Would the TT Combat range be within budget?

Im guessing possibly. But they have some good show deals, it might be worth putting it off. Or asking if our TT contacts can get us a bargain  Wink
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Warlord games have got some buildings for about £16 and a stone bridge for £12 that would be good for SAGA or fantasy settings. Trying to have a look for river sections
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Ive suggested table by table, but doing type by type is equally doable. Woods - Hills - Water Features - Buildings etc.

If we go table by table, we could use the mats as a starting place for table type.
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen
I think it could be good to go by game system and pick up a scenery set then look for volunteers to build/paint it?

For example the popular games at the club at the moment seem to be 40k, Star Wars Legion, Necromunda - at least the ones that need scenery as of course there is also Star Wars X-Wing/Armada, Dropfleet Commander and Blood Bowl too but none of those really need any scenery.

For Star Wars Legion, TT Combat do a nice Sandstorm set in MDF that could work well, like £100 for an entire board.

For 40k and/or Necromunda, there are a number of scenery sets from the GW...
The best bets are some of the industrial/mechanicus themed terrain sets: - £105
[Image: 99020199040_IndustrialTerrainset01.jpg] - £210
[Image: 99020199041_IndustrialTerrainCollection01.jpg] - £210
[Image: 99020599001_NecromundaTerrainCollection01.jpg] - £234.50
[Image: 99020599001_PlanetstrikeAndStrongholdAss...tion01.jpg] also do some setsthat are probably better value and more durable plus come pre-painted. The industrial set is also £105 but I think you get a lot more in it.
[Image: 5937987_1100-700.jpg]
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Element Games referral code JAS173.
As the 'Bolt Action Champion' then it would be good to see some quality terrain...

Rivers and roads look good from And of course serve any period or setting...?

Pegasus bridge was always on the list, not sure it's available on its own now?
Warlord have good selection of buildings and so on. Industrial and so on. 

Le Hayes Saint or similar can be used for Napoleonics and WW2. etc. 

Like to see more hedges and fences available, light cover, not walls.

Will come back to this...
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JJ just ask all the people who bought Renegades...
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(15-06-2018, 12:15 PM)Russell Wrote: JJ just ask all the people who bought Renegades...

Yup, willing to donate my terrain sprues from when I bought the Renegade box the first time it came out if it's useful?
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I'm looking at getting some wild west exodus scenery from warcradle for myself, after seeing it at a demo. Very nice looking kits and good for malifaux too.
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