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Experimental RWS Errata 22.2.18
RedWarSoc Experimental Rules Errata/ Update
Though all official changes are under the control of TT Combat, we have a few balancing errata suggestions that we feel will help move the game in the right direction. These are unofficial.
General Rules Changes
1) Debris Fields: Cause one damage roll to ships whose movement passes through the field, AND to ships that end their turn in the debris field. A ship cannot suffer more than one debris field damage roll per turn.
2) Torpedoes: Change to Lock 3+, gain Particle and Flash.
3) Torpedoes are unaffected by moving through debris fields.
4) Orbital Layer Coherency: If ships in the same Group are at any time not in the same orbital layer, they add +1 to the Strategy Rating of their Battlegroup.
5) Bombers, Fighters and Dense Debris: Bombers and Fighter tokens are removed on 4+ when they enter a dense debris field.
1) Vectored: Change to; A Vectored ship may Course Correct and Max Thrust without gaining a Minor Spike.
2) Gravity Coils: Change to Impel-1 for all ships with Gravity Coils.
3) Jade: The Jade’s Particle Lance gains Fusillade-1 (One extra shot on Weapons Free)
4) Granite: Both Particle Lances gain Linked-1 and one Particle Lance gains Bloom.
1) Siphon Power: Change to; When the St Petersburg fires a single Burn-through Laser, you may choose to add one additional Attack dice. If you do this, the weapon also gains Bloom until the end of the turn.
2) Linked UF-4200s: All UCM ships with two or more UF-4200 weapon profiles gain Linked-1 for those weapon profiles.
3) San Francisco: Change Barracuda Missile Bays (Attack 2) to Shark Missile Bays (Attack D6+1).
4) Santiago: Stingray Missile Bays gain Calibre (L).
1) Corruptor: If a ship suffers critical hit damage from at least one torpedo with the Corruptor special rule, after resolving all damage, roll a number of dice equal to the remaining hull value of the targeted ship. For every 4+ rolled, the ship suffers a Fire crippling result.
If a ship is crippled by a failed roll to repair these Fires, it cannot attempt to repair the new crippling result until the following turn’s damage repair phase.
2) Scald: Scald only reduces the armour save of the target if both the firing ship and the target are in the same layer.
3) Furnace Cannons: Change both Alt weapon profiles to Damage 2.
4) Nickar: Plasma Squall gains Calibre (L).
1) All Tonnage (M) and (H) ships with Light Battery, Light Broadside, Medium Battery and Medium Broadside weapon systems that have Linked: Gain Fusillade (2) (affects the Theseus, Ajax, Orion, Ikarus, Perseus, Hector).
2) Massed Weapon Banks (command card): Add line: If a ship already has Fusillade, increase the Fusillade value by 2.

Version 1.4 Created by Matt Purdie and Redditch Wargaming Society
Dropfleet Commander- 3000pts Scourge, 1500pts PHR

Dropzone Commander- 3000pts Scourge, 600pts UCM
PM me anytime to arrange DzC tutorials if you are interested in the game.

Magic the Gathering

UK Dropfleet Champion, Summer Invasion 2017
Warboar Dropfleet Winner, 12.11.17
2nd at Fleet Muster 2, Firestorm Games 10.12.17
Battle for Tlalacon Winner, Beach-Head 2018

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