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New Member - April 2018 +
Hi All,

So I am introducing myself as I am moving to the area in April of this year with my fiancee and am keen to retain my hobby love and become part of a new community of gamers.

I am a secondary school teacher (Mathematics and IT) - who does not currently have a job but is working on it!

My gaming experience is a real mixed bag:
- Games Workshop (40k, AoS)
- WarmaHordes
- Malifaux

As I am relocating, I am looking to down size for now so am going to have: 40k, Malifaux, Necromunda and Bloodbowl. 

I am a massive malifaux player and would love the opportunity to show the community Malifaux, host tournaments and generally be a pusher for a system that I really love (no dice!!).

I am hoping to do a visit before the move (on job interviews) so may put my head in the door if it all coincides.

Hello and welcome!

Feel free to pop along any time for a look round. Plenty of gaming going on to suit your tastes, although not much Malifaux for a while now - I'm sure you can conjure up some interest again though!

Look forward to meeting you.
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