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Conquest of Sladus 4. 40k Escalation campaign (Full)
(28-06-2018, 09:37 AM)Fitz Wrote:
(24-06-2018, 08:21 PM)Lord_Heru’ur Wrote: Looks good.  3rd definitely the day we’re starting?

Yup. Also if everyone can pm me their first 2 moves using the campaign map. it's unlikely anyone will get into combat first turn but it may happen. then I'll randomly determine move orders using a highly technical procedure known as writing down numbers representing players on bits of paper and drawing them out of a bag. Custom Campaign objectives will be sent out as a do my final balancing tweaks (so no one can get a runaway victory on this alone).

This is also your last chance to tweak your lists as after we begin. They'll be locked as is.

How far can we move on the map, I'm presuming if we move twice, we can move two circles on the map from our starting point?
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yup. i very much doubt anyone will come into conflict turn 1. so having people do their 2 moves speeds up play a little
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Btw how many moves a month do we get?
1 per turn. 4 turns per round. 4 rounds in the campaign. as soon as everyone has done and fought. we move onto he next round etc.
For the Angelic Horde!

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