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Steve's Hobby Log
As I'm looking to start gaming at the club in February 2018, I though I'd start a hobby log to chart the progress of various projects.

I'm start with a Orc warband for LOTR Battle Companies.

I only need 9 miniatures to start with, but decided to paint all 12 out of the box. This will hopefully save time in the long run as reinforcements is a factor to consider

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Look forward to seeing your progress!
Figures painted in 2016: 4 Blush
"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."
With all the base colours on the miniatures, I then added fine sand to the base.

After that I've decided to take a risk and use Army Painters quick shade product.

I say risk because I've had mixed results with this stuff in the past. And with that in mind, I'm going to leave the miniatures for longer than the recommended time, so the product has time to properly cure.

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