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Firestorm games list
Hi guys,

Here is the list I am thinking of taking to firestorm games in Dec - one thing you might notice is that there is no Diamond!!! I'm thinking it may be too expensive and I want to try something else so gonna try a couple of test games with the list below, firstly against Adam next week:

Tournament Shaltari - 1250pts
Shaltari - 0 launch assets

SR10 Vanguard battlegroup (165pts)
1 x Jet - 165pts - H
   + Starchief (80pts, 4AV)

SR13 Line battlegroup (301pts)
1 x Emerald - 100pts - M
3 x Topaz - 111pts - L
5 x Glass - 90pts - L

SR12 Line battlegroup (230pts)
1 x Emerald - 100pts - M
1 x Emerald - 100pts - M
2 x Voidgate - 30pts - L

SR10 Line battlegroup (220pts)
2 x Amber - 220pts - M

SR4 Pathfinder battlegroup (159pts) [active scan group]
3 x Topaz - 111pts - L
1 x Amethyst - 48pts - L

SR9 Pathfinder battlegroup (135pts)
3 x Voidgate - 45pts - L
3 x Voidgate - 45pts - L
3 x Voidgate - 45pts - L
------------- -------------

I quite like the Topaz, and this list has got a lot of long range guns (18 4+ shots from Emeralds and 24 3+ shots (or 32 3+ when the ambers go weapons free). Also, 3 Emeralds this time, corvettes to take out a critical strike carrier or two, and a bit of bombardment from the jet.

Question really is, do you think I'm a fool for not taking the Diamond?! I just think against a good player the Diamond will rarely if ever be going weapons free, and although it has an awesome gun, not sure that single gun is worth 290pts - I can take almost three cruiser hulls for that points to score more critical locations.
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I don’t think leaving the Diamond at home is a terrible mistake, you’re right. It’s very expensive, and it’s often arriving in the game late, and the best it can do is delete a cruiser each turn, which while effective, is not the main aim of the game.

Single Amethyst active scan group I think is very effective (annoying), and your only obvious weakness here is no Launch. I’d probably be trying to stack bombers onto the motherships as quick as possible, leaving the gates alone, but I’d lose a lot of ships doing it.
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I think this looks like a pretty solid list to me, albeit lacking the punch of the diamond. It's very unconventional with all the Topaz too which is interesting. Other than the lack of launch that Matt pointed out, for me the Jet just doesn't cut it as a flagship, I feel like if it comes up against any other factions flagship its probably going to get sent on its merry way haha. But each to their own and I look forward to seeing how you play it?!
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I really like the Topaz/Amethyst Group idea. The Topaz seems like a great ship as with it's 12" move and 12" scan it's got a pretty huge threat range, plus a respectable damage output.

Interested to see how the Jet performs, I've assembled one and might use it early on in the escalation league...
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Thanks guys, yes the topaz/amethyst group is very effective, with 2 active scans they can hit something from 36" away, plus the enemy's sig! It was a toss up between the other 3 topaz and an Amber, but keeping the SR value of the battlegroup below 15 was why I went for the topaz. They basically cost the same as an Amber and put out more shots (6) than the Amber when it's not going weapons free. Obv the amber does better going weapons free but then is easy to see, and the list is all about killing stuff early and not being seen for as long as possible.

Yes I have no defence against bombers, other than the best defence is a good offence!

I have also never tried the Jet, but it can plinky-plink 4 shots a turn while drifting forward, if within 12" it can fire all it's guns on standard orders as the ion storm thingy is close action, so up a flank I think it could be really good.

I may change my mind and bring the Diamond back instead of the jet and 3 topaz but we'll see how it goes!
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