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SAGA @ Wyvern Wargamers, Sat 24th Feb 2018
Message from Chris Churchill...

Quote:The Wyvern Wargamers seventh SAGA tournament day is to be held on Saturday 24th February 2018. There will be 4 games, each lasting up to 1 hr 45 mins using four different scenarios. I will put the details on the SAGA forum in a few days, but as you have attended a previous event or have otherwise provided me your e-mail you are getting this e-mail notice.

Venue Details: The event is being held at:
Bishampton Village Hall, Broad Lane, Bishampton, Pershore, Worcestershire, WR10 2LY
Registration and arrival - 8:30am till 9am
Games start at 9:15 and all will finish around 5:30pm.
There are 36 places available for players.

Games will be played using 6 point armies from a 7 point roster.
The rules as defined in the CRESCENT and CROSS rulebook and the official errata clarifications will be used. Any officially published faction from the following Saga books can be used i.e. anything in SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes, Northern Fury, Raven’s Shadow, Varjazi & Basileus, SAGA The Crescent & The Cross or SAGA Aetius & Arthur. Priests, Banners, Swords for Hire and Legends of the Viking Age are allowed but no HEROES.
Details of the four scenarios and full details of the event are provided in the attached Player Pack.
For the first two games players will be paired randomly which will be pre-drawn. If you are attending with others that you regularly play and would rather not play them in this competition, let me know when you register. Opponents for the last two games will be based on results from the previous rounds.
There is free car parking at the venue. More details of the venue can be found on the Facilities Tab on the Wyvern Wargames Website at

If you would like to enter then email Chris Churchill at christopher dot churchill at yahoo dot com and I will reserve you a place. The event costs £8.00.
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