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BloodBowl Semi finals
The sun was high in the sky and the weather was fair for the beginning of the match with the saints about to kick to the jittery Rat-men, the kick sails up and the weather stays fair, perfect for Blood bowl. The skaven scurry to grab the ball and dakka takka completes a pass to owell bendback jr. who takes the ball up the field within 6 squares of the end zone, after a few vicious blows the rats had decent ball carrier protection which left only one human in a spot to blitz, saints turn 1 and the ogre causes his first casualty. In the second turn for the rats, bendback jr. ran it in for a touchdown. On the next kickoff the rats managed to get a blitz and recover the ball just inside the Saints half. With the ball in their possession the rats again managed to build a cage around the ball carrier j chiu jr. again. On the second turn of the Saints they again tried to break the defenses of the Rat-men The rats then went on to score again in their 4th turn again making it 2-0. The saints hadn't even touched the ball by this point in the game. In the next kickoff the another blitz on the kickoff table causes a player to blitz the thrower with the ball straight through the middle but fail to knock him over. Turn 4 and the Saints fail a long bomb pass to an open receiver who gets taken down in the next turn where the Rats again pick up the ball. On the Saints' 5th turn in the very first move the Ogre rolls an attacker down and falls at the hands of a simple linerat. Rats' turn 6, many humans get knocked down including one KO in the turn. A human player slips and causes a premature end to turn 6 for the Saints. Turn 7 and in the least skavenlike act ever, bendback hands the ball off to chiu who is in the endzone despite bendback having the MA to reach the endzone and causing rookie chiu to gain a level. Turn 8 has the Saints in a favourable position including Lopez's first completion until by some miracle the catcher gets tripped up whilst trying to dodge a tackle zone which closes the very eventful first half.

Half time stats:
Score Rats 3-0 Saints, Dakka takka 2 completions Chiu jr. with 2 TD's and bendback with a single TD. Rats 8 uninjured players eligble to play, Saints with all 14. Most violent player of the half: M'Knzy Thrax (Ogre) with 2 casualties.
(second half will be posted tomorrow evening)
warhammer40K: chaos space marines and Orks
warhammer fantasy: high Elves
Flames Of War: late war Russian Guards battalion
Blood Bowl: Humans- "Albion Nugget Smashers", Orcs-"BIGG'S dragon slayas", Skaven-"New Albion Rats"


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