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Long time table top player - looking to get into 40k
Hello all,

My name is Roger, I am based in Halesowen about 30 mins north of you. I've been gaming for 35 years now and recently found time to start a 40k army. The new edition got me interested.

I do play other stuff. Board games like axis & allies and 9th age table top fantasy.

Im looking to meet up with some 40k players who like to mix competitive with fun and gentlemanly. The club is about 30 mins south of me so definitely up for that.

I balance my gaming & hobby with being a father to a 2 year old (with another on the way).

Im going (rather unpreparedly) to the battlefield Birmingham 12 tourney in late Oct. Id love some games of 40k to practise. I collect CSM & demons.


Hello Rog, and welcome! You’ll have no trouble getting a game, plenty of 40K’ers here. Feel free to pop along one week for a chat and a look round, or go ahead and stick your name down on one of the weekly threads to arrange a game in advance. Look forward to meeting you!
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Hey Rog

Welcome. Plenty of 40k players around these parts - myself included, although I'm yet to play the latest edition.
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Hi Rog,

Welcome - I've played a fair few games of 8th Edition, some them even competively, so more than happy to have a game at some point.
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Hi Roger,
You will definitely find a warm welcome and a game of something most weeks.
Big Grin
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