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Tuesday 24th October 2017
(23-10-2017, 07:10 PM)Rog27 Wrote: Russel you posted first. Wanna play Andy 9871? I'm. Happy to if you don't or can't but equally ok with rain check til next week. Smile

Go ahead :-) my work has me travelling to Crewe everyday this week i'll barely get back in time as it is - i'll delete my above post
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Andy 9871 fancy a 2k points game then? I can knock a list together but will need notice if youre up for it. Will check in at midday.
(23-10-2017, 04:32 PM)LukeR Wrote:
(23-10-2017, 04:06 PM)Brightblade Wrote: Hey hey, are we LotR rpg-ing?

Also, to those 40k-ing. I play too and will be back at club properly soon if you are looking for variety in opponents.

We are - I may not be able to attend as I have car issues.

I can't make it tonight - work getting in the way again.
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Sincere apologies, work has just cr***ed on me with a ridiculous short deadline which means I am going to have to work tonight. I have spoken to Luke and left mobile messages for Matt, Will and Tony, plus private message.

Will rearrange asap.

Hope you can find an alternative game this evening. Really sorry as it is going to be a serious bash when it happens...

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