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Smogcon 2018
A few years ago a multi-system convention (Smogcon) was formed by a few friends after they visited GenCon. Smogcon was a success, and whilst it featured heavily Hordes and Warmachine (dues to the organisers love of the systems,) it also had many other systems (Guildball was first demonstrated at the event.) Privateer Press was impressed and Smogcon became an official PP convention, and the multi-system aspect had to be dropped, as per the terms of the "sponsorship." Last year another friend formed Daffcon, which was a multi-system event (although the systems were supposed to be ones who were growing, so SAGA, Infinity, Star Wars Armada, Relic Knights, but no PP or GW systems.) Anyway despite how well Daffcon 2016 did, this year sales haven't come so Daffcon 2017 got pulled. Privateer Press also decided that there were going to do a Lock and Load Europe, so their affiliation with Smogcon got removed too. So it looked like the UK was losing two conventions.

However Smogcon have announced that they are attempting to returning to their original format (although much more grander,) and are hoping to become a multi-system event again. The dates are 16-18 February 2018 and its being held at the Hilton Metropole Birmingham. As such there could very well be some systems running tournaments at the NEC which may be of interest. I'll keep us informed.
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Sounds like it might be good!
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Shame about Daffcon, but excellent news about Smogcon getting resurrected. Nice to see another local event in the calendar.
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Yeah we'll have to keep an eye on how this develops, good to get the club involved in local events though wherever possible.
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