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Returning to Warhammer...
Hi all,

I started playing Fantasy when I was 9 years old and nearly 20 years later I still do whenever I visit home (Northumberland). But recently playing twice a year hasn't been enough so I've been looking for a gaming club to join.

Played and still own Lizardmen, High Elves and Empire. I'd love to have some games of Fantasy but also looking to get into 40k - I'm currently debating over collecting Daemons or Tau.

Coming down tonight so hopefully I can say hi to some folk. The girlfriend might be coming along also she's interested in getting in to it...
Welcome Charlie! You shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to take you through 40K, and there are a number with a background in Fantasy and an interest in AoS. I can't make it along tonight, but there will be plenty of people to say "hi".
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Welcome Charlie. Plenty of 40K players around and a few Fantasy players too so no problems there!
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Welcome Charlie. As the others have said, there's plenty of us with WHFB and 40K armies knocking around.

I'd recommend taking a good look at Daemons, mostly because of the value with them. You can paint one army and play both Age of Sigmar and 40K with them Smile I started out with Chaos Space Marines but I'm expanding my collection of Daemons for this very reason.

Look forward to seeing you down at the club mate!
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Welcome Charlie, would be more than happy to play some fantasy with you some point in the near future. I like you came back to fantasy as the GW sky came crashing down around the old world. Not been able to make it regularly as been renovating a house but pretty soon I should be able to commit a lot more time to it and have been looking for some regular game play.
Hopefully catch you some time in the near future
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