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So where have I been?
It's been a while!

The Club has greatly been missed but my gaming needs have been somewhat reached while things have been a little too hectic.

I've branched out from 40k and 30k, and I've currently got a Viking based SAGA Warband, Soviet Bolt Action Force, Batman Miniatures Game Joker Gang and a few other projects on the go!

Here's some of the pictures from the workbench.


For SAGA I have got some magnetic bases with trays to create some more scenic and easy to move models. Figures from Saxon Miniatures and Footsore Miniatures.
They should look pretty good on the display shelf too! There are a select few from also.

For Bolt Action I am aiming to cover 1941-1943 mainly with a small amount showing the progression further into the late-war. I am hoping to convey the focus of the Soviet-Finnish War, the retreat to the Volga, and eventual City fighting of Stalingrad. Quite a task!
I am going to try getting it as gritty as I can, and utilise extra bodies and other materials to create havoc on the bases. Models are from Black Tree Design and Warlord Games.

A good friend is the focal driving force behind the construction of the forces giving me a huge hand with the limited time I have at the moment. He is definitely a green-stuff wizard.

The Batman Miniatures I have started with have been a joy to paint and got me working with a lot of colours I am not normally using. Models from Knight Models.


Finally, I have news of X-Wing having picked up both the Force Awakens and Original Core sets, I have a lot of shiny ships to play around with.


Looks to be a fun few months ahead! Keep Gaming!
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Lovely work mate, some great modelling on the Soviets! Hope to see you at club soon Smile
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Blimey, saga and bolt action, nice...
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We have had a recent boost in xwing here too so hope you can come join us on it :-D
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