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Membership List and Cards
I'm putting together a membership list, and will also organise some membership cards.

There will be no charge to be a member of RedWarSoc, the only requirement is that you will have to attend at least 4 times before becoming eligible, and will need to attend the club at least once a month.

(Don't panic this isn't a hard and fast rule)

What do you get for being a member ?

So far not a lot, but:

Discount at stores where proof of club membership is required (cheers Paul).

Possibly a prize draw sometime in the year (club funds allowing).

The ability to play a bigger part in the club as it grows, and gain preferential access to any events the club may put on in the future.

What do I need from you guys ?

Can you PM me your full name, preferred email addy (i've taken the ones from the forums as a start, but send me one just to be sure) and a contact number. For those of us lucky (or unlucky) enough to be under 18 I'll also need the name and contact number of a parent or guardian.

I already have details for Stuart and PaulH, but everyone else is a bit patchy.


Just to clarify a couple of points on this..

It's not compulsory to be a member, we're trying to keep the club as flexible as possible, so membership is definitely an optional extra.

No personal details will be sent out to just anyone who requests the membership list. All phone numbers and contact details are for use by the club and the club only. For purposes of suppliers who require a list of members in order to provide discounts, it will be simply that. A list of the membership IDs alongside the name of that member who has that ID.

All membership details will be stored in an encrypted file, in a secure location, with restricted access.

Any requests to use data from the membership list must be sent to either Stuart or myself.

Vince has asked me to do a membership card for him.

Rather than just run one off I'd like to make a bit more use of the laminator.

So if anyone who hasn't yet got one would like one then please let me know by PM, or tomorrow at the club.

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