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Last Tuesday my Saracens faced up against Jonah's Welsh, in a really thrilling , exciting 6pt game of Saga.
I fielded an 8 fig mounted hearthguard unit
An 8 fig mounted hearthguard unit with bows and
2 8 fig mounted warrior units with bows

Jonah had 4 fig unit of mounted hearthguard
4 foot hearthguard
2 12 fig units of foot warriors and
12 fig unit of levies with bows.

I started turn 1 and charged all my units forward to deny the Welsh the use of the terrain.
Welsh warriors taunted a unit of mounted warrior bowmen, and they charged straight into Jonah's battleline. They then threw lots of javelins at them, then charged into them. This wiped out the Saracen unit, leaving just 2 Welshmen .
Turn 2 saw my mounted hearthguard charge in revenge, but with devastating results, that left 1 Welsh foot hearthguard left, but wiped out a second Saracen unit.
Things were looking very dodgy for me now, as i was down to just half my starting forces.
The only silver lining at this point was that the Welsh had divided its forces as it wiped my units out.
Turn 3 and i charged both my units forward unleashing a storm of arrows, reducing , on the right,
The mounted Welsh Hearthguard to 3 figures, with poor shooting.
On the left my hearthguard with bows wiped out the remaining 2 warriors, then did the same to the last foot hearthguard.
The Welsh launched more javelins on the right, leaving just 2 of my warriors alive. On the left the levies killed some of my unit with arrows. The Welsh Warlord decidec at this point to desert the levies, and rode over to the right and his last remaining warriors.
Turn 4 and my hearthguard charged the levies and wiped them out. On the right my 2 remaining warriors retreated. The Welsh hearthguard pursued and stabbed one in the back with a javelin.
The Welsh warriors, boosted by the arrival of their warlord, turned to face the mounted Saracen hearthguard.
Turn 5, and the Saracens moved forward, unleashing their arrows, wiping out the enemy hearthguard. Now we only had our Warlords and 1 unit each. The Welsh moved forward throwing more javelins.
Last turn and my warlord and remaining hearthguard charged into the Welsh warriors. This mighty clash wiped out the Welsh, leaving just 2 Saracens. In desperation the Welsh warlord charged my hearthguard, claiming both their lives before selling his own.
The Welsh were wiped out, and only my Warlord and 1 warrior survived, a truly epic battle, and one of the most enjoyable.
Thanks Jonah, really enjoyed it
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