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Some interesting teasers are appearing on the Gripping Beast Facebook page, pointing to an announcement of some sort perhaps involving zombies tomorrow. Intriguing.
Figures painted in 2016: 4 Blush
"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."
Salute incoming
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen
New faction £85 with dice, board and limited edition model. Not for tournament play, and board to be released after the set sells out. Web blurb.

(will be available to mail order week following SALUTE (25th April)
Limited Edition Box Set containing:
48 x Revenant 28mm metal figures (plus a plastic base for each figure)
2 x metal Grave Pit models
Full colour 3 page Revenant faction rules & scenario (Exclusive to this box set)*
Full colour card Revenant Battle Board (Exclusive to this box set)*
PLUS 12 Revenant SAGA dice FREE
PLUS 1 x 28mm metal Necromancer on scenic base (only available in this box set) FREE
(* Rules and Battle Board will be available as a download-only once the limited set has sold out.)
SAGA: Revenants is a new Faction for the SAGA game system. It is for use with the main rules in the SAGA Dark Age Skirmishes or SAGA The Crescent & The Cross rulebooks. Please note that this faction is not part of the main SAGA canon and as such is not for tournament play.
It is designed to give you something different and fun to play between friends or at friendly club meetings. We hope you enjoy it!
This faction has its basis in the myths, legends, sagas and superstitions of the Early Middle Ages and gives form to a belief in the supernatural, in particular the art of Necromancy, that in our more ‘enlightened’ times we might call fantastical. But not so to the Early Middle Age mind. The term Revenant would have been widely known across the Western Europe of our period and is a catch-all term for visible ghosts or animated corpses returned from the grave to terrorize the living. The word "revenant" is derived from the Latin, reveniens, "returning" (the French verb ‘revenir’, means "to come back"). We have deliberately not written much by way of ‘fluff’ for the faction so, with a little research, you can adapt it for use in games against any of the Dark Age or Crusades factions. For example, the Norse tradition of Seidr sorcery features many examples of necromancy and the Draugar (Again-Walkers). In the Saga of King Hrolf Kraki, the half-elf witch Skuld was so powerful that, during battle, when her devoted warriors were cut down, she would raise them up to continue the fight. Very handy. Irish mythology has the ‘Neamh Mairbh’ returning from the dead and the Welsh Mabinogion tells of the Cauldron of Rebirth in which dead warriors could be placed and then be returned to life, voiceless and soulless, to fight again. Tales brought back by the Crusaders were rife with stories of Saracen Sorcerers with power over the dead and typically, the Templars were often accused of practising dark arts.
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen

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