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Chicken Pox - Protein S deficiency
Thought I would share what happened to our daughter in case anyone finds their children with similar problems so it can get picked up sooner:

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Sending the very best wishes for a speedy recovery for her Dan.
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Yup, all the best For you and her Dan!
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Yeah wishing her all the best, I hope she is getting the best care possible and she recovers soon.

I think there is a vaccination against chicken pox that you can't get on the NHS but can get privately. We have not had the older three vaccinated but might consider looking into it for our little one.
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Sorry to hear about your daughter Dan. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
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Oh dear Dan that's awful. Thinking of you all and best wishes...
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Wow that looks nasty. Hope she's ok mate.
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Just spotted this. All the best and hope shes on the mend Smile

hope she is doing well Dan, our thoughts are with you
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