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F.A.O Templar and Andrew with regards multiple right column use
Karl pointed out last night with regards to Andrew and myselfs discussion about the possibilty of me using Stout Hearts and Saxon Kingdom twice per game turn (once in my player turn and once in my opponent,) as the box is listed as Orders/Orders Reaction. Karl has correctly pointed out that I can only place a die in that box once per my orders phase, and as such I cannot for instance place a die in Stout Hearts, spend it in my turn, then place another die in the Stout Hearts box, ready to use in my opponents turn.

However having done some digging around to resolve another query I had, Auger Vincent did however point out that it is possible to use such an ability twice per game turn. You just cannot place a die in that box twice, but he has pointed out, it is possible to 'refresh' the ability, so to speak. The nearest that we have currently in game is the Angry Monks ability to generate Saga Dice during your opponents turn, but that wouldn't help me with my orders boxes, as we would be outside the orders phase, but does open up possibilities for multiple Melee box use.
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