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Recent return to area from Uni
Hey guys, I'm Gibbs

I recently returned to the area after being at uni doing my degree in Zoology, and have been looking for a new war-gaming group to join.

Currently my only army is Necrons in 40k but I am considering starting a fantasy army when I gain stable employment.

I look forward to meeting you all.
We have a good group of 40k players, and a few veterans of fantasy who would be happy to help you play. At the moment we have been steadily converting people to play warmachine and are getting a nice following, there are also various other sustems people are playing, such as malifaux, flames of war and others if you were interested in dipping your toes
WARHAMMER/AGE OF SIGMAR:  khorne warriors of chaos
WARMACHINE: Khador, mercenaries 
BOLT ACTION 51st highlander division (in progress)
KILL TEAM: Adeptus mechanicus

Hey Gibbs, welcome!

We have a number of 40K players, so you'll be in good company. Hope to meet you soon.
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Hi, Gibbs, welcome to the forums Big Grin.
I'd be glad to give you a match of 40k at some point, and would be happy to run through the rules of Fantasy as I know the main bulk of it, apart from magic which may be a problem Smile. Anyway, looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday.
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Warhammer Fantasy (Orcs and Goblins)
Warhammer 40,000 (Orks)
Warmachine (Protectorate of Menoth)
Bushido (Prefecture of Ryu)
Infinity (Yu-Jing)
Warpath (ForgeFathers)
Cutlass! (Undead)
hiya gibbs i am tom. i am doing a 40k campaign with another 6 people. this is going to be the last week but quite a few people want to carry it on as it has gone quite well. welcome to the forum.

my games:
Warhammer 40k orcs, spacemarines,catachan jungle fighters,
Warhammer fantasy orcs
Lord of the Rings sbg everything you could think of!!!
Haleceasar germans
Cutlass orc pirates
Magic red and green

Apparently I need more than 4 letters. So hola-hoop?
Star Wars Legion - Rebels
Guildball - Alchemists
Blood Bowl - Lizardmen
HI gibbs, hopefully meet you on tuesday!
40k- Space marines(5000 pts) Imperial guard (3000 pts) Tau (3000 pts)
Epic 40k-Space marines/Imperial Guard(2000 pts)
Infinity Yu jing (Aprox 1000 pts)
Necromunda Escher Mad capsules Avalanche
Blood bowl Skaven
Welcome back to the area! Will be good to have some fresh meat for the club Big Grin
Warmachine (Retribution of Scyrah, Khador), Hordes (Trollbloods, Blindwater Congregation), Bolt Action (IJA Infantry Section, Soviet Russia Armoured Platoon), SAGA (Norse-Gaels (WIP)), Deadzone (Enforcers, Forge Fathers)
mmmmm meat
Thanks for the warm welcome, I'm going to try and make it down tomorrow.

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