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Some of you know, some of you don't but im a keen amateur photographer. i have recently started to earn some money from this and have finally got round to setting up my own page (just on FB but its a start...) if you're interested please feel free to take a look. Please note, not all the images are Safe for Work! no nudity but some lingerie/implied....

Facebook Link

I have 3 shoots lined up in the next two months so there will be more shots going up soon.

if you have any questions/ comments i'd love to hear them.
Simian aka Ben
40k Death Guard, Nurgle and Space Wolves, Malifaux (Guild, Gremlins & Ressers), In Her Majesties Name (Professor Berengei's Circus), Bolt Action (Big Red One), Dredd (Robots), OGaM, Necromunda (Redemptionists)

Hooting into the Abyss

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