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Afternoon ladies and gents
Well ive just found out after attending the club for the last few months that there is a website and forum (shows how much attention i pay) so here I am.
Great this society has been formed as I used to cellect 40k about 12 years ago but now have the chance to rekindle my love affair.
Just to let you all know that im currently collecting a Warriors of Chaos WFB army and hoping to field them for the first time next week, after taking an age to get them built up.
Heres to seeing you on the battlefield and spilling blood for the blood god!!!!
Hey Harvey, welcome to the forum - glad you found it!
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Yeah, hi Harvey. Do you require to use my Imperial Guard 40k army again this week? If you do, then I'd be happy to bring it along for you next week.
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Hello good sir! Glad to see your virtual presence on here Big Grin
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Like the guy who replies to a question 5 minutes after it's been I am

Welcome to the forums Harvey, good to see you on at last ;¬)

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