Poll: Do we accept Magic of the End Times as a standard
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Yes when playing Elven Hosts, or if one player wants to
1 50.00%
Yes but only if a player is using and Elven Host army.
1 50.00%
Yes but only if one or both player wants to.
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Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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Magic System Changes
The latest Warhammer End Times book has introduced a raft of changes to the way the magic system works.

The changes are as follows;

• Some lores of Magic have additional 'End times' spells associated with them. This is an additional signature spell that can be used by a wizard of level 3 or higher. They also cannot be dispelled.
• Wizards can now use all the spells from all the Lore's of Magic that they know, and are not limited to a number of spells dictated by their wizard level. In essence imagine every wizard has the Loremaster ability as printed in the BRB. However if a Wizard actually has Loremaster as a special rule they are allowed to re-roll casting attempts. Note that if a model knows one spell as dictated by an ability, they also know the entire lore of magic associated with that spell. As such a Loremaster of Hoeth knows all 7 spells from all 8 Lores of Magic printed in the BRB. Doomfire Warlocks know all 8 spells from the Lore of Dark Magic, and all 7 Spells from the lore of Death.
•After picking a Wizard and declaring which spell you intend to cast, you roll a D6. This is the MAXIMUM number of power dice you can throw at casting the spell (you can always throw less.) You must always use one die though as a minimum. You do the same after picking a Wizard to dispel with.
• Spells can be used any number of times in each magic phase, provided all previous attempts to cast have been successful. The exceptions to this are End Times spells, and spells with a casting cost of 15 or more, which are limited to one attempt each. Note that if a spell has two or more power levels, you cannot attempt the same spell again, if you have attempted to use a power level that has a casting cost of 15 or more. Note that failing to hit the casting cost of a spell with a cost of less than 15, is a failure and will stop further attempts to cast the same spell again that phase.
•Wizards never break concentration. They can continue to cast spells (and I assume dispel,) provided you have the power dice to do so. However a natural result of 3 or less on the dice is always a failure, but the wizard may still continue to act normally during the rest of the phase.
• When rolling for the strength of the Winds of Magic, roll 4D6, with the casting player receiving the sum of the dice, and the dispelling player receiving the sum of the two highest dice rolled. There is no longer a limit on the maximum number of dice in the power pool.

So that being the main list of changes, when do these rules get used.

Warhammer: Khaine states that the above changes MUST be used in the following situations;

•Magic of the End Times is listed as a scenario special rule.
•Either player is using an army chosen from an Elven Host list
•If either player is using a unit from the new Armies and Units section of the book (mute point seeing as all the new stuff is only available to an Elven Host list.)
•EITHER player WANTS to.

The poll is;

Do you wish for Magic in the End times to be available for standard play at the club or not. If you do are you forced to use it with an Elven Hosts list and/or if either player chooses. Again if the answer to either question if no, you are still welcome to ask your opponent if they would mind playing by the Magic in the End Times rules, but I'm trying to determine the norm (these are always useful guidelines if new players come into the club, with different expectations.)

Poll closes 11-12-14
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Thats interesting I think I'm broadly in favour but I'd like to play a game with the new rules before I decide one way or the other. However, I'm waiting for the softback to comeout before I get the elven end times book :-( .

I have a question then. Can a wizard cast the same spell more than once in the end times? Ie if I want to cast wildform twice can I do it off my single level 4 or do I need to bring a second beast mage?
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WOW!!! 4d6 for winds of magic...

It is all beginning to sound Monty Hall... and a little silly... good job I have High Elves...

I'll not vote on anything else. Personally I'll just try and arrange games that make sense with another person at the same level as me. Which will be pre-apocalypse...

When is 9th or 10th edition due. I may have to sit this whole episode out!!!
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I understand entirely Paul. As a scenario system everything is interesting, with what they are doing for WFB. However its the way that they are officially changing the rules to IF ONE PERSON WANTS TO, rather than if BOTH PLAYERS AGREE. Walking into a GW and getting a pick up game is becoming harder to get what you want. I might not want to play End Times Magic, I may not have a list that deals with End Times Magic, but if I want a game, I'll have to suck it up (not that since the Redditch club came along I have done GW store gaming, but I did before it did.) However at the same time, I am aware of the possibility that some one from that environment could come to RWS, and what I want is a consensus now (that could always change depending on what peoples views are in the future,)that anybody coming into the club, can see what we accept as standard. Should a store player come along for the first time, they will know that they cannot use Lore of Undeath, unless that have previously asked their opponent. If this doesn't go the top option, again a new member, will understand thats not how we as a club play our normal games, and if they want to use End Times Magic, they will probably need to arrange first.

As I said as a scenario set of rules it does add a flavour to those scenarios, but GW also seem to want to shoe horn this into standard game play, which Im not entirely comfortable with.
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