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Introduce yourself...
Hi Mark and welcome. Feel free to pop in this Tues and take a look around, starts at 6:45pm but just setting up of tables etc for first 15 min or so. Lots of ppl playing 40k, kill team is popular at the mo and I know some are interested in necromunda. You can have a look at the weekly meeting threads to see what games are going on and what's on offer.

Currently if you are interested most of the chat/arranging games is running on an app called Discord. JJ the club secretary can set you up with that (you can pm jjakaalbinoboy to ask him I think).

Hopefully see you Tues!
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(24-10-2018, 01:11 PM)Terentius86 Wrote: Hi all, I am Terry and am extremely new to war games. I've started out with an age of sigmar army and have played a couple of games at my local warhammer shop to date.

I can currently field an army of slaves of darkness up to 1000p. Hopefully looking to come down to a session in November when I should have a 1500p army. If anyone would like to play a noob and doesn't mind a few questions whilst we play then please let me know.

Look forward to seeing you soon


(03-01-2019, 10:08 AM)Lato Diafol Wrote: Greetings one and all, my name is Gordon and I recently became the proud owner of a small collection of dropzone/fleet models.

It turns out that you guys are the closest people who play the game on a regular basis so I hope to come along and learn to play.

I used to collect Warhammer 40000 back in 4th edition however as friends stopped playing I also gradually drifted away from wargaming.

See you all soon,

(07-01-2019, 08:01 PM)Goosegog Wrote: Hi

Recently returned to 40K after a 25yr-ish hiatus. Got sucked in by the figures in The Dark Imperium box set. So after just over a year of painting have a small Blood Angels force and an even tinier Death Guard force (well it's two figures!). Also decided to dive into Necromunda for the first time and have painted a 10man Orlock gang. Noticed the club has a strong 40k/GW base and would very much like to get some games in. 

Have been a wargamer for along time; back when WRG6th Edition Ancients were popular and rules books came printed in A5 pamphlets with no photos! Also have played RPG and board games so like the whole mix. Currently focusing on 40K and derivatives. With a few other projects in the sidelines.  

Must admit have not yet, read the rules for Necromunda or 8th Edition 40K. I would like to pop in either this Tuesday or the next to say hello and get an idea of how the club runs.


Welcome to the club Terry, Gordon and Mark. Plenty of players here for all your systems so you shouldn't have any trouble finding games. As mentioned by Chris, much of the club chat and game arranging is done on something called Discord, similar to WhatsApp I suppose but private to the club). You can join it here It has a web interface as well as mobile apps on all devices so you shouldn't have any trouble getting on it but let me know if you do. There are channels on there for each week to arrange games as well as chat channels for each game system too.
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Just a quick HI to all, it was great Tuesday evening to pop in and meet you all put faces to names.

I (for my sins) own Redditch Computer Services in Greenlands, we are stockests for Games Workshop, 
if anyone needs anything if I do not have at the shop I can order in. 

Sleepy Undecided Smile Wink Big Grin
See you soon.

Hi What's was very nice to meet you too. I'm fairly certain that a lot of business could come your way, especially kill team and underworld.
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