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Game request (newbs - go easy!)

Err, is it possible to please book a 40k game with a club member? My wife and I usually share a table but we'd like to [gulping and now looking uneasy]... play against someone who knows what they're doing (!) to learn the rules more.

We field Marines and have a 2000pt army (give or take).

We're very new to the game so if any one agrees to play we're afraid you may have to be a little patient Smile

Cool. Looking for a game on 17th Sep if possible, please.

Thank you.
What's another word for "thesaurus"?

hey there u may have notice on the forums that we have weekly meetings threads where people post game offers/looking in that week. week 17th is here

im happy to give u a game i have 1850 eldar and 500 dark eldar which i use as allies (crazy but legal :/) i havent played many games with the eldar but play many with my ex tyranids and know 6 ed fairly well

Awesome! / Brilliant! / Cool!*

Cheers, Alan. See you there.


*Delete where applicable
What's another word for "thesaurus"?

lol how many points would u like to use? 2000 is top end since it doubles the slots on the force organization chart say 1500 or 1850?? (1500 is what our club league will be if u are joining that)
Yes, cool, 1500pts it is :-)

Let us know what you'll be playing with... So we can pretend to have a cunning plan...

See you Tuesday...
What's another word for "thesaurus"?

k ill field a pure (in every sense of the word Smile ) eldar list
see u tuesday

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