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warning, noob incoming!
Hi all,
I'm Vince(manrogue on here), i used to be into 40k for 7 years or so(mainly collecting and painting) until the few people i played moved away.
While i have been modelling and painting still(gundam models mainly), i have been out the gaming comunity for 6 years ish now and noticed the gaming group you guys have through a good old google search and have decided to jump back in!
Hopefully meet you guys on monday! Smile
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Ello Vince, welcome on board! Hope you can make it along tomorrow.
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Hi Vince,

Come on back in the waters fine !

Some of us have had similar absences from the hobby due to various reasons family; work; substance was never proven ;¬)

I hadn't really played since 04/05 and didn't really have anywhere to play at home. Starting the club with Stuart allows me to play as well as focus my attention on all the stuff that needs preparing and painting.

Look forwards to seeing you sometime on one of the Mondays.


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