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Oh hai!
Hey guys, just saw your advert in hobby hut the other day so thought i'd drop by and see what's going on here.

I started playing 40k back in 1998-99 but stopped for a number of years and i've recently got back in to it.
Currently playing Dark Eldar in 40k and just started a Warriors of Chaos army for fantasy but am as yet to play a game with them. I'll get some pics of the WoC up soon once there's some more of them painted.

Hopefully i'll pop along to a meet in the next few weeks, so I hope to meet some of you there Wink
Hello and welcome CheZZor (if that is your real name... Tongue)
We have plenty of players of both 40K and Fantasy Battle, so you should be able to get some games in easy. I would recommend asking for a game on whichever week you are coming here
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Hi CheZZor, and welcome. Feel free to pop along along any time, even just for a look round and a chat.
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Welcome! Another 40k/Fantasy player! Smile
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Hi CheZZor welcome to the club, nice to see a fellow Archon cant wait to meet you.

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