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The usual story
Hi guys,

Mine is the usual story, used to play Games Workshop games at high school, went away, got a job, now I'm in my thirties and looking to get back into the games.

The GW games I'm most interested in are those that require the least money and as little time as possible for painting (I have two small children). That is why my first step was to buy a Blood Bowl team (Norse). Two years later they were fully (badly) painted, and I even had some games with friends before they had babies themselves and now that seems to be on hold for a while.

The game I am really interested in getting into is Battlefleet Gothic. I just love the idea and it's like I'm already obsessed with it without ever having actually played it. One of my friends is interested too, but having just bought a house he says he can't afford it right now. I'm really itching to play, and I've worked out that I could buy a 2000-point campaign fleet for about 150 quid, but to make the outlay worth it I'd need someone to teach me how to play and someone to play against. Anyone interested?

It would also be cool to look into what other games are out there in case I do ever end up with more time/money. I live in Worcester, by the way, so could make it over to Redditch no problem. Not tonight though.

Hi Keith - welcome, and glad you found us! We've had two or chaps express an interest in Battlefleet Gothic, so hopefully you'll be able sort something out with them.

Look forward to meeting you soon.
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Keith if you want to play BB, we have just started a league. One of our entrants (who comes from Worcester funnily enough,) seems to have vanished, so you could step in, without an issue.
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Hi Keith, welcome! I have a vast amount of Battlefleet Gothic and would be happy to teach you the game. I have Imperial Navy and Eldar mainly but I also have a ramshackle fleet of chaos ships that have seen better days :/
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Hi Keith,

I'm also interested in BFG but haven't played a game at the club yet - but i'd like to. Have an imperial flett and a necron fleet, both about 1500pts.

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I wouldn't mind getting in to bfg again, i have an ork fleet.
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Thanks for the great response guys!

Re. BFG: Sounds like there's a bunch of people interested. If someone would be willing to show me how it works (perhaps one of these Tuesday evenings), let me know when and I'll order the miniatures.

Re. BB: Might be interested, depends how often the fixtures are. I'm likely to be more of an occasional visitor than a regular.

Blood bowl: I think the pace of games is roughly one a month.
40K - Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, Necrons; Lord of the Rings - lots; Bloodbowl - Dwarves, Wood Elves; SAGA - Anglo Danes & Welsh; Guildball - Morticians, Engineers; Dropzone/fleet - Shaltari
Hi Keith, I only make it to the club every other week due to work , so we worked the BB league for about a game a month. season is only 10 games each, plus playoffs.
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OK, put me down for the BB league then. Just let me know who I'm playing and when, and I'll be there! Any takers for the scintillating prospect of teaching me how to play BFG?

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