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Project Paint
SAGA C&C Milites Christi -Hospitlars
I am painting them in later period colours at which stage they had moved to wear mostly red rather than the earlier black.

6 points are based up and 8 of the 17 horses are painted.

Tourney 5 weeks, that's 9 horses and 37 = 46 figures to paint. 9 a week.. Eek!
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I have been getting a bit fed up with the inequalities of tape measures! I am basically building my own hex board and hex terrain. No more tapes or sticks, just count the 'squares'. Been using it for Saga practice and it overcomes the niggles of when you cross terrain, squeeze through gaps, are at VS, S, etc. It's a personal thing. I premeasure, waving my stick, then when I come to charge, I realise my warlord is about 2 mm short of contact and my whole battle plan, and my personal enjoyment, is affected.

So my hex paper ready for the board and first based tree. I am doing individual trees on the hex version of a 3" diameter circle. Can't have a figure on the tree hex, but spaces clearly free all around.

[My pictures were too BIG, so deleted and will post some fresh and better versions.]
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
Paul I can see your point. However with pre-measuring I have found it easier to tell it ask my opponent the intentions behind a move. I would suggest you get into the habit of asking your opponent if they mean to have a unit inside or outside of 6 inches.

That being said I would love to see you develop this further. Possibly amoungst the club we could come up with some rules, and it would give us something to run at next years Glos-Con.
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In new saga rules I think I read they recommend you say to your opponent I am moving these just outside of s or whatever, which makes sense and agrees what you are saying.

There are som small things that at least for saga would need to be specifically defined for saga, but all doable.

I am intending to do this though, yes.

Demoing a game yes sounds a good idea.
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
OMG... It is nearly a year to the day that I posted here!!! That about sums it up.

OK... well I decided on what should be a 'doable' target to paint just 4 figures a week. Fiddle and mess with as much or as little else as you like Paul... but PAINT 4 Figures... Painted means based, magnetized, etc.

My week is Monday to Sunday...

Got started last week and have painted 4 x Fallschirmjager. Will pop up a piccy in due course...

The idea of 4 figures is it's doable and I can jump about between WWII, SAGA, Napoleonics, Fantasy, etc. and not get bogged down... week-to-week.

And it means over a year I will have painted ~200 figures. Which will make a (small) dent...
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
Here they are... wargaming figures... 4 x Fallschirmjager

History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
Nicely done. I may have to get some camo painting tips off you.
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"What this game needs is a panda with a chaingun."
For Chain of Command I need 34 figures.
Three squads of 10 mem + 4 man HQ.
With the figures I bought off Steve I am pretty close.
12 done.
8 figures need full paint. 2 weeks.
The rest need bases doing and some touching up. 4 weeks in the margins.
Will get 4 more painted this week now.
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
Four figures painted this week Big Grin


Platoon 1st Squad Painted. The SMG guy back row on the end is a touched up, dipped, one of Steve's. (So one extra figure completed this week :-) ) The Fallschirmjager went through three versions of camo during the war. Steve (I think) went for the early war print, I have gone for later. Of course by end of war there was a total mix. Helmets went through several different styles too.


I have also got all 30 figures properly based on magnetic bases now and metallised squad bases for them to sit on so they are safe in transit and storage now. Plus painting a few other bases and starting sorting out Adam's LotR collection ready for pending campaign been a busy and productive week Big Grin.

A few more hours to go yet...

Want to get 500 points of Easterlings and Haradrim put to one side.
History is written by the victors - Sir Winston Churchill
Looking good!
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