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Jims hobby log
What a great idea Smile

well after the short burst of activity that is Xmas an new year i can shut the girlfriend up (!) an try to get some decent painting done....with a new box of "open fire",Plastic soldiers Tigers (review soon) an alot of other stuff to get to the Frontlines i might have to call in a Sicky more often(or lay off Battlefield3)!

so this year i plan to have a

American armored company,5 shermans an one platoon of paras so far

polish paratrooper company,one paratrooper box set an 4 heavy Mg's + openfire stuff

regular German army infantry company (early-mid war)

soviet light tank horde (early-mid)

bolt action,maybe us marine corps they seem like lovely models

X-wing looks awesome

i expect to be derailed spectacularly,i found a very old box of a chaos dreadnought along with a 90's chaos codex in my wardrobe....wasn't it great when the night lords/iron warriors got to be featured legions!

An no more king tigers!!!111!!one!!eleven!onehunderedanone!!!1111!!
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Are you playing Battlefield 3 on PC or xbox 360??

I can vouch for X-wing being awesome, soon as I'm not so strapped for cash I'll be buying a copy.
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got quite alot built in the last couple of days with 2 tigers,2 platoons of German infantry,5 plastic soldier shermans an 4 open fire shermans(bloody nightmare to build),I also got my eastern front midwar book with some very interesting lists in there so im reading that one Smile

a couple of pictures(on a phone)

[Image: 11b6i5u.jpg]

[Image: sl4e9f.jpg]
other alias-jim
current projects-drop-zone commander(ucm/phr),bolt action(everything)
well i've been busy reading the 2 new books from battlefront "market garden" an "bridge by bridge" the latter has inspired me to remount my SS grenadiers in the smaller Skdfz.250 neu for eather 10th ss in arnhem or 12th ss in normandy so i need 16 to full mech them but they should be ok after the disappointing half-tracks from plastic soldier company i'll be buying battlefront ones this time round

I've managed to paint 5 panzer iV j's they where awesome fun to paint with a new technique i picked up,also redone my panthers,3 stugs an 2 tigers
but im waiting for a decal set for these

i also plan to get my volksgrenadiers ready for the 1500 point games they'll be fighting soon

[Image: l9u20.jpg]

[Image: smxdaw.jpg]

[Image: vqte3d.jpg]

[Image: 2j175me.jpg]

[Image: 27wr70i.jpg]

[Image: zqwau.jpg]
other alias-jim
current projects-drop-zone commander(ucm/phr),bolt action(everything)
They look ace dude
Very nice work Jim!
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looking good mate!
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Excellent stuff!

Thanks guys Smile
other alias-jim
current projects-drop-zone commander(ucm/phr),bolt action(everything)
Yup - like them...
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