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Missing teams?
(18-04-2018, 12:45 PM)LankySi Wrote:
(18-04-2018, 12:20 PM)LukeR Wrote:
(18-04-2018, 11:47 AM)LankySi Wrote: I'm looking to get back into Blood Bowl. I have a couple of teams from when I used to play this back in the 90s. However, I'd love to play as Undead. Where can I get an undead team from? You used to be able to get boxed teams for pretty much all of the major races, now, it seems, they're rather limited. I can't seem to find an Undead team except for very expensive (over £100) for an old Champions of Death box, which I'm not really prepared to pay.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

GW haven't released quite a few of the teams yet.

I'm actually working on building an Undead team at the minute, using conversions and 3rd Party Models. This site does some that are quite good, prices can vary though.

Alternatively, this is another company but the miniatures are quite expensive for a whole team.

So my advice is to convert them, that's what I'm doing!

Nice one, I'll have a look at those links, thank you.

Have GW said if they'll be releasing any more teams?

I think some kind of Chaos team is coming out soon, but the release pace is fairly slow, so you could be waiting a while for an Undead Team.
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