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star wars destiny tournaments? - jaqenhgar - 17-06-2018

Gareth or anyone else, my son Mike is really getting into Star wars destiny and is interested in going to a local friendly tournament, do you know of any?

Also he'd like some games at the club if anyone is interested (he's pretty good btw, or I am not very good, as I struggle to win against him)

RE: star wars destiny tournaments? - Gareth - 17-06-2018

I'm more than willing to play anytime at Redditch (well except first two tuesdays of the month, so half the time.)

As for tournaments if he can get to Cheltenham their meta is slightly less aggressive. Worcester is also probably a good shout if/when they do anything, and Big Orbits Quarterly kit events don't pull in too many, and those that do are not unfriendly. To be honest I've not come across any non-friendly events, and the players at the lower end of the tables are also playing for fun. If he works his way into the top tables three or four rounds in, he would earn the respect from those that might come across as funny. We are at the start of store championship season, so the events will tend to attract more and stronger players though at the moment, although yesterday I traveled to Cardiff, and there wasn't one person there that I would have expected a bad game experience against.

I would however avoid the Birmingham events (Waylands Forge,) for someone new to the scene. Again attendance can be a bit patchy and whilst some good friends of mine attend the store, they can be a little 'clicky.' As an unknown he might find it a little lonely to start with.

RE: star wars destiny tournaments? - Gareth - 17-06-2018

I guess a good question is to ask what he plays with and roughly how many cards does he own? There isn't too much point in me playing someone newish to the game, with a honed tier 1/2 deck.

Also may I suggest the following channels on youtube. That's where my journey started.

The Hyperloops - These guys are regarded as the best in the game. A lot of the top decks have been created by The Hyperloops.

Your Destiny - Home of the European champion 2018 and the runner-up at the World Championship 2018. Perhaps the best team of players outside the USA, Your Destiny consists of the best players from Europe. Although I did beat two of their gauntlet testers at Europeans.

General Games - This is the youtube channel for an Australian store. You'll have to wade through various other games systems to get to the relevant stuff, and Destiny content has not been too much of late, but it served me well 12 months ago.

Starkiller Base - A Canadian channel. The operator can sometimes find real life get in the way, but the videos are always high quality. 

The first two you will find a lot of TTS games (Table Top Simulator,) which is a physics engine on steam, that allows you to play various tabletop games online. Chess, Monopoly, 40k, X-Wing, etc. There is a Destiny Mod which they use to play games online. The later two are either Twitch streams, or recorded games with Physical product. The content on the first two is better, but its it depends what your friends son is interested in.

RE: star wars destiny tournaments? - jaqenhgar - 18-06-2018

Thanks for that, great information.

His deck is currently:

Luke Skywalker (unlikely hero) 1 dice
Admiral Ackbar (perceptive tactician) 1 dice
Outer Rim Smuggler

Sensor Placement
Loth cat and mouse x 2
force misdirection
strategic planning
Black market
Millenium falcon
Maz's goggles
use the force
life debt
draw attention
heirloom lightsaber
R2 D2
air superiority
handcrafted lightbow
dl-44 heavy blaster pistol
your eyes can deceive you
U wing (his favourite card..)

and his battleground is docking bay

He owns about another 40-50 cards

RE: star wars destiny tournaments? - Gareth - 18-06-2018

Okay so its fairly sketchy deck. He does have some nice cards in there though. U-Wing was great 12 months ago. It's not any worse the deck that ran it is no longer feasible, but it was a star for me in a draft before Euros. If he works out how Threpio interacts with a U-Wing you'll scream. Light Bow is the best card there BTW.

RE: star wars destiny tournaments? - jaqenhgar - 18-06-2018

Yeah he keeps killing me with 3 U wing specials aided by c3p0 doing 6 damage to each of my characters!

I'm using a Rey and a 2 dice jyn erso deck and I lost 3 games to 2 yesterday to him! (he is 9yrs old...)