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RE: Stuart - Embolden - 06-01-2013

(05-01-2013, 11:52 PM)Stuart Wrote: Kili and Balin done, and nearly finished Thorin.

Flying through these now!

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 06-01-2013

Kili and Balin...



RE: Stuart - Embolden - 06-01-2013

they look great! Stu I really like the red cape/cloak

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 06-01-2013

Cheers, really pleased with the red cape - white primer, waterer-down Mechrite Red, then Strong tone Quickshade.

RE: Stuart - Agincourt - 11-01-2013


I have got to get into this dipping system. Seems to me you are turning out painted figures like a machine and they all look the business to me.

Good work mate.

RE: Stuart - Nick1988 - 11-01-2013

Looks awesome mate Smile

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 12-01-2013

(11-01-2013, 09:22 PM)Agincourt Wrote: Good work mate.
(11-01-2013, 11:50 PM)Nick1988 Wrote: Looks awesome mate Smile

Thanks chaps, much appreciated.

Paul - I just followed the advice from Andy T, and after a couple of test subjects I think I've nailed a technique that I'm happy with.

Not only is it quick, but for me it produces better results than my attempts with more traditional methods Smile

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 26-01-2013

Hoping to pick up a brush between fits of coughing today, and get a splash of colour on my Dystopian Legions in time for the game with Chris on Tuesday.

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 27-01-2013

Completed (barring Dullcote) one of the FSA trackers tonight, and almost finished basecoating 11 other models - just a few details left to do before they're ready for quickshading.

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 29-01-2013

Finished the detail off the 11 FSA models and quickshaded them along with the tracker. Will give them a dullcote tomorrow before RedWarSoc.

Just 4 FSA models left - would've been nice to get them all done in time for the game with Chris tomorrow, but at least the majority will be painted.