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RE: Stuart - Stuart - 01-01-2013

Just primed my Dystopian Legions FSoA crew with the intention of painting them the same colour as my Necromunda Delaque gang. Unfortunately I can't find my painting notes for the Delaque gang anywhere, and I'm having trouble identifying the base colour I used Sad

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 01-01-2013

Sorted it I think - I reckon it was Desert Yellow. Watered down base coat of such applied to 4 FSoA models, just to break up the Goblins a bit.

Tallarn Sand seems to be the "new" Desert Yellow in the revised Citadel range, but is presumably slightly different, so when my current pot runs out I might take the opportunity to try the "Desert Yellow" in the Vallejo Game Color range (supposedly an exact match for the previous Citadel range) - I've been looking for an excuse to try some different paints anyway.

RE: Stuart - jjakaalbinoboy - 02-01-2013

They look good Stu, Gandalfs beard is amazing haha. For these hobby logs people should post images to flickr, its perfect for graphic type projects like these hobby logs!

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 02-01-2013

Cheers JJ, all the credit should go to Quickshade though Smile

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 02-01-2013

In no particular order my figure painting list looks like this...

Lord of the Rings
  • Paint all 96 Warriors of the Last Alliance!
  • Paint the 6 Galadhrim Knights.
  • Paint Erestor again.
  • Paint Elrond, Gil-Galad, and the pair of Elf Command figures.
  • Finish painting the contents of The Hobbit starter set.

  • Re-paint the contents of my Cygnar battlebox, and paint the rest of my force.

  • Assemble and paint the Britanan force.

Dystopian Legions
  • Paint the Federated States of America force.
  • Assemble and paint the Kingdom of Britannia force.

Reaper Kickstarter
  • Paint 'em when they arrive.

Warhammer Fantasy
  • Finish painting the Dwarf contigent from The Battle for Skull Pass.
  • Assemble and paint Dwarf Battalion.

Kings of War
  • Assemble and paint the Elves (and Paladins from the Kickstarter when they arrive).

  • Paint the Enforcers.

Warhammer 40K
  • Cobble together some Space Marines and finalise a camo colour scheme.

  • Paint the Von Schill crew.

  • Assemble the second wave of Pirate girls and paint them.

  • Assemble a few new recruits to my Delaque gang and paint them.

  • Assemble 2 more points worth of Vikings.
  • Paint the lot.

  • Paint the 95th Rifles.

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 03-01-2013

Going back to work this week has been a shock to the system, and I haven't summoned the energy to tackle any painting the past couple of evenings. Hope to make up for this at the weekend.

RE: Stuart - Gareth - 04-01-2013

I understand that feeling. I haven't been on delivery since early December. Next Monday I am back in work, knowing how out of breath this bloody cough leaves me. So I hope, I can finish work early enough to allow me my target of one hour a day.

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 04-01-2013

Sounds like a nice long Christmas break, hope you weren't suffering for the duration. Can empathise on the cough - I'm still shaking off the last effects of man-flu from before Christmas, but these things always leave me with a lingering cough that seems to be made worse by these cold, damp mornings.

RE: Stuart - Gareth - 04-01-2013

Well trip to the docs said viral infection, which means acute bronchitis. Had two weeks leave after Xmas, and am still suffering over 4 weeks from the start. Still it's not anything time won't heal.

RE: Stuart - Stuart - 05-01-2013

Kili and Balin done, and nearly finished Thorin.