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Full Version: Other Clubs in the Area
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Browsing the Wyrd forums over the past few days, and someone from Nuneaton has been looking for opponents. I have passed on our forum site, and in reply he has provided me a link to their club. With a few if us heading to TWG in Saturday, I am just thinking it might be useful, to compile a list of fellow clubs in the area. Particuarly if those clubs meet on different days to us (I think the Nuneaton one is a Saturday meet.)

Collated list:
Good idea.
The Evesham chaps have extended an invitation to anyone who fancies a game in Bishampton (just outside Evesham) on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Likewise I've extended an invitaton to them to visit us. Mike - we'll need more teacakes!

More info on the club below:
Alvechurch Templars - historical/ancients gaming, meet on a Monday evening I think.
Possibility I will get up Nuneaton for some Malifaux tomorrow, depending on work and other tasks.
Good luck with that.

I'm building beds, and trying to sort out the mess left over from the holiday. Might try and fit a trip into Brum tho.
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