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Full Version: Games of Saga 2 - rules to remember
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Hey Luke, thanks for the game of Saga yesterday, was very epic!

I was looking at the rules this morning and noticed that Levy are now armour 4, not 3 as they were previously, so I was doing that wrong sorry, will have to remember for next time.
Thanks Chris, it was great fun. Looking forward to playing some more SAGA

The Anglo Dane Warlord no doubt was the subject of many a song about how he slew the Viking Warlord who had butchered so many of his men in single combat.

That very few warriors returned from the battle with him wasn't important Wink

Don't think it would have made a huge difference to the battle anyway, but good to know for next time.

My things to remember from yesterday are;

- The free manoeuvre if you're outside of 'L' of an enemy can only take you up to 'L'
- With 8 aggression the Warlord is surprisingly good at taking out small units
Oh, actually, with ranged weapons, levy have a -1 armour penalty, so they are armour 3 so we were doing it correctly after all!