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Full Version: DfC/DzC alldayer at Wyvern Sunday 3rd December 2017
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Okay folks so Wyvern Wargamers in Evesham have their hall booked for an all dayer on Sunday 3rd December 9-5 and we're welcome to make use of it.

I've suggested a few options:
Dropfleet Commander tournament practice as Fleet Muster II at Firestorm Games is the week after this.
Dropfleet Commander big game
Dropzone Commander big game or a
Combined Dropzone/Dropfleet game

I know if we involve Dropzone somehow we may attract a few other players like Gaz, Guy or Matt S too.
I would prefer dropzone as it's been ages since I've managed to get a drop zone game in Smile
I’m happy to take on the challenge of running a linked Dropfleet / Dropzone game! It’s about time we tried this out.

I’m thinking x Dropfleet tables supporting x Dropzone tables dependent on number of people coming. The Dropfleet table would have three clusters on it, representing left, home and right board edges of the corresponding Ddopzone table.

The Dropzone tables would ideally need an Orbital Gun and some buildings we can designate as Military Sectors. When the Dropzone players wish the fire the orbital gun and military sector, they can run over to the corresponding Dropfleet table and fire at targets on there.

The Dropfleet players would have changed rules for Bombardment and
Launching ground assets. When bombarding, rather than attack the sector, they can go over to the corresponding Dropzone table and place the large blast template, which will then scatter lots! Better Bombardment equals higher Energy, better accuracy and more templates to throw down into the Dropzone game.

Lock 6+= Scatter 2d6+4 inches, one E10 Medium template
Lock 5+ = Scatter 2d6 inches, one E11 Medium template
Lock 4+ = Scatter D6+4 inches, one E12 Large template
Lock 3+ = Scatter D6+2 inches, one E12 Large template with Demolisher 2
Lock 2+ = Scatter D6 inches, one E13 Large template with Demolisher 2 and Devastator 2

Attack value 4 or less: bombard once.
Attack value 5 or more: bombard twice.

For launching ground assets, I’m thinking the Dropzone player will need some pre-prepared groups labelled as “locked reinforcements”, like two/three Infantry/ Exotic and two/three Armour/Support groups.

For every four Infantry tokens present in a Cluster at the end of the turn, the Dropfleet player may remove those tokens and give his partner Dropzone player access to one of his “locked” Infantry/ Exotic groups. The same for Armour tokens unlocking Armour/Support groups. Ground Combat mechanics would be removed for Dropfleet.

For this to work I think the Dropfleet game would also have to have played one or two turns before the Dropzone players began.

Dropfleet would probably be 900pt Skirmish, Dropzone players probably need to be able to make 1500pt Clash lists.

Ok, I need everyone’s availability across both games and factions please:

Matt, Dropfleet/Dropzone Scourge, Dropfleet PHR
Will, Dropfleet/Dropzone PHR
JJ, Dropfleet/ Dropzone UCM
Luke, Dropfleet/Dropzone UCM
I'm happy to do either DfC or DzC but I think my preference would be DfC as UCM ... ooh Madrids/Tokyos are going to be awesome.....
Sounds great I'm playing a WSS game at the all dayer. I've posted on the Wyvern forum and linked to this thread as I know there are a couple of DZC players and some interested in DFC. Big Grin
Due to it being a bit quiet on this, I think we're now going for a day dedicated to 1250 practice for Fleet Muster II at Firestorm.

We should be able to play one game in the morning, one in the afternoon?
(29-11-2017, 06:54 PM)scoundrel13 Wrote: [ -> ]Due to it being a bit quiet on this, I think we're now going for a day dedicated to 1250 practice for Fleet Muster II at Firestorm.

We should be able to play one game in the morning, one in the afternoon?

Fine with me - can bring May/Stations