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November 9th, opening post

Hello all.
I've found myself lagging behind with my painting goals in the last few months and thought a good way to get myself back into the painting groove, as it where, would be to create a painting/hobby blog. So here goes!

On the table

Currently on my painting table I have my starter fleets from halo:fleet battles and some tyranid tyrant guard, all of which I am aiming to get painted asap. No current time goals, although I'm restricting myself to no new models until these are all done.

I also have my guild ball chisel character to assemble and paint.
On the back burner currently are my deathstorm blood angels, and I'm attempting to slowly revamp my old Dark Eldar army including lots of green stuff conversions and magnetising all the skimmers so they sit straight on there bases.


At this point I have the covenant SDV heavy corvettes undercoated black, with a few of them with the first coat of purple on them, and two painted up to tabletop standard. I'm attempting to paint them in a non metallic metal style and learning as I go, so hoping to improve as I paint.

One is painted as a Sangheili corvette, the other is supposed to be a Jiralhanae corvette.




What do people think? Comments and criticism are welcome!

Looking good to me Will Smile
Nice Will, looking very smart, like the highlighting.
Thanks guys Big Grin

I managed to get chisel assembled and got some paint on her for yesterday's game against Chris. I'm pleased with where she's at but I feel that I can improve her a lot more. So she will be going back on the painting table. Such a cool model in my opinion, loads of character, it's hard to do her justice.


chisel;from guildball (masons guild)
The covenant ships look cool Smile Like it!

Many people playing this Halo fleet battles game?
(17-11-2015, 12:25 AM)Agent0range Wrote: [ -> ]The covenant ships look cool Smile Like it!

Many people playing this Halo fleet battles game?

It's the miniatures mostly really nice to work with.

There's a few of us starting to play now, not sure on exact numbers but somewhere in the five or six regon. I'm happy to give anyone an intro game if wanted.

I'll stick a quick update on as well to keep me honest. Not a lot of progress but I've started detailing my first paris class frigate for halo fleet battles and made some progress on the tyrant guard for my Tyranids. I keep using them in games even though they arn't painted so decided to switch it up and paint some of them, (plus I'm seven SDV corvettes into my covenant fleet and needed a break)

Paris class frigate from halo fleet battles. Only 26 more to go

My painting table currently, until I pack the tyrant guard away for my game later
December 14

So I've become distracted from my halo fleet painting because of the new shineyness that is my dropzone commander Post human republic army. I've been contemplating getting dropzone pretty much since it got a plastic starter box but have always had too many other things to model paint and play, but after an introductory game from Chris I've become hooked. (so it's Chris' fault Tongue )
I managed to snag a good core of an army from ebay really cheap and added a new plastic starter box to make what I have a legal force. So have ended up with 1500pts to paint up!

Progress so far

I've gone for a close to the standard phr look but with a more weathered used look ( These are war machines after all) . Also the cockpits are painted to stand out more and make the paint scheme a bit more striking. I'm thinking of trying to paint some decals onto each of the walkers. The idea being that each pilot will have personalised their own walker!


Ground forces I've got so painted up. Only(!) six more walkers, two APCs, and six stands of infantry left and the ground pounders will be done


close up of the infantry, these are the metal infantry that hawk does. So much detail in such small models! Slightly disappointing that the plastic infantry models don't have anywhere near the same level of detail, but then again they are cheap and chearful. I'll put comparison photos up when the plastics are painted.


Finally what I have painted of my dropships, just the one :/ I have still to give this a nuln oil wash to bring more of the details out and help give a "war machine in use" look and the engine nacels need more work. Only four more medium dropships like this and four more light dropships to go.
After ages, of no hobby progress at all Sad I've finally got my dropzone stuff out and began painting again. Progress has been good but still a lot to do! Hoping to get everything done by the end of the month is my attempt at a realistic goal...

My entire PHR force as it currently stands :-

Nice Will! Good luck!
Over the last few nights I've been concentrating on getting the hades at least painted to table top standard. It's supposed to be the centre piece of the army so I'm attempting to take my time with it. It's a big model though and I'm impatient. Haha

still havn't found my camera so have to make do with phone camera pictures
amazing model, so much detail and it looks awesome! I need to do a lot more to do the model justice

In other news I've bought some hive tyrants for my tyranid army off ebay, and some reaper miniatures figures to start building a proper frostgrave warband. I've just about managed to paint more than I bought so technically I'm making progress on the great pile of unpainted miniatures!
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